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Mediterranean Journal of Modeling and Simulation (Med. J. Model. Simul.)

21 Mar 2017
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The Mediterranean Journal of Modeling and Simulation (pISSN : 2335-1357, eISSN : 2437-1122) is an international, specialized and peer-reviewed journal devoted to the publication of original contributions in relevant areas.

The Mediterranean Journal of Modeling and Simulation is a non for profit publication.

Aims & Scope (not limited to the following fields)

  • Design, modeling and control of electrical machines.
  • Applied Superconductivity in Electrical Engineering.
  • Production and distribution of electrical energy.
  • Automatic, signal processing.
  • Multi-physics and multi-scale systems.
  • Transport phenomena.
  • Atomic and nuclear physics.
  • Mathematical Physics.
  • Dynamical Systems.
  • Vibration, acoustic and wave propagation.
  • Solid Mechanics.
  • Composite materials and structures.
  • Direct and inverse problems.
  • Ordinary and partial differential equations.
  • Optimization and simulation.
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